Zindagi na mile gee dobara…

October 9, 2011

Surprise of the century. Wasn’t the movie supposed to be based on a future true story?

So I got to know what 35 feels like. Honestly, it was the same as 34, 33, 32, 31, 30 but definitely not 29. My younger mates made sure to tell me that I am ‘old’ and shouldn’t be hanging out with them no more while the elder ones made sure to remind me how it’s all downhill from here. Whatever happened to strippers jumping out of cakes?

Whoever said age is just a number should be given a number and shot or hanged, whatever’s cheaper these days. Whoever said age is like wine was probably drunk on expired tharra. Whoever said life begins at 40 probably said the same thing about 20 and 30 and continues to lead a miserable life.

Due to lack of ideas (or abundance of), I decided to release a song on my birthday appropriately titled ‘Shikwa’. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing. All that matters is that you should sing from your heart”. Just what I needed. More bad advice. Got an alert on my email within the first 30 seconds of uploading it, “Suicidal2011 has commented on your youtube link”. “That’s how I roll baby”, I told my kids who did not reply back. I was psyched, as psyched as a 35 old wannabe rock star can be. Up until I read the comment, “Baysuray!”. Delete, Block, Die…I clicked away a few dozen times. From some high level sources at Hot ‘N’ Spicy, I heard that Zuckerberg is working on that last action since Poke was being overly used on na-mehrams. Confidentially, Ustaad Tansen a.k.a Suicidal2011 might have been right.

Born on the wrong continent, under paid, overworked, under-excercised, overfed, under-inspired, over ambitious, under appreciated, over-appreciating, under cover, over the top. I know the last part doesn’t make any sense.

Agar zindagi milee phir dobara, I think I’ll become a dentist. For some odd reason, they are always smiling.



  1. You’re Hilarious!!!! 😀

  2. lol wat an analysis… standing ovation wajahat bhai 😛

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